MSSF Invasive Plant Data Collector

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The Purpose of This Page

The Invasive Plant Atlas of New England (IPANE) has ceased soliciting reports of locations for many invasive plants that have become commonplace nearly everywhere, so that it does not make sense anymore to record their particular locations.

Myles Standish State Forest, however, is a very special place: many invasive weeds already common elsewhere haven't yet made it to the Forest or have just entered, so that it is still possible to eliminate them. By recording new sightings of weeds that have been uncommon/unknown in MSSF and cleaning those spots, we can keep the Forest clear of major offenders. Here is a list of common weeds still rare or altogether absent in MSSF.

Please do report them if you spot any: we will then collaborate with the DCR staff on maintenance projects. Remember, it is illegal to remove anything from the Forest without a permit, even though you know it is invasive!

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Maps (verified records)

Oriental bittersweet in Lost Pond Conservation Area,
Brookline, MA. It is now impossible to save the forest. This can happen in Myles Standish, too, if no action is taken.

Last modified: 24 Oct 2010 (AZ & IK)